The Abductor

Find your inner ET

Burning Man 2012

Welcome to Your Abduction!
The Abductor started undergoing construction in May of 2008, and she made her first trip to Playa Earth in 2009 (see the Visitation Log) with full sonic weaponry but no propulsion or dimensional shift capabilities. Since then, the evil ruler of our home planet, Slum Lordius, forced us to migrate to a new home base, and we were unable to join the 2010 exodus to Playa Earth.

We eventually landed in the Novato quadrant of Galaxy Suburbia, where we reconfigured our space dock in order to make further modifications to our craft. These mods, while extensive, still did not incorporate the propulsion mechanisms, so she landed once again in 2011 with a DJ sphere and a fur-lined comfy travel den but still with no capacity for controlled forward motion.

We are on target to land in 2012 with full propulsion capabilities and high mobile sonic pleasure delivery potential (unless we are unable to procure tickets, which now seem to be getting manufactured from unobtanium).

We understand the many mysteries that revolve for humans around alien contact, and we intend to address the thread of curiosity and possibility for advancing human knowledge and technology while we are among you. It is with this spirit that we continue to evolve this mutant space vessel. The Abductor thus promises a unique visual experience as what you will likely inerpret as a work of mobile art; an archetype of the Alien in your culture that will get you exploring your relationships with your own inner extraterrestrial!

We look forward to probing you <:)

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