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Mockups and Photos
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Front View 2011 - August 2011: Front view of The Abductor in its resting spot during the 2011 burn. The speaker system is custom built, from the subs to the 8-foot tall line arrays. The thing on top is a light projection system, and the "eyes" are rimmed with a programmable RGB LED strip.

Geodesic Sphere - July 2011: The finished welded geodesic sphere frame mounted on the yoke, waiting to be skinned.

  Dimensional sketch of the original plan with callouts
Dimensional sketch with callouts, showing thumbnail pictures indicating where certain components are installed

Front View - August 2008: This is how far it got in 2008, and needless to say, she wasn't quite ready for the playa that year.

Lift table mounted on the front of the vehicle as a foundation for the rotating sphere assembly. The lift runs off an air compressor and can hoist 2500 lbs. four feet in the air relatively quickly.

This elegant, half-circle truss is the yoke that will be mounted on the lift table (above), and into which will further be mounted a steel ring, into which the sphere will be mounted, providing two axes of rotation.

Those boxes on the floor behind the yoke contain the heavy-duty hardening foam we'll be using to create the body of the sphere.

These are the two halves of the steel ring that mounts inside the yoke above, and in which the sphere is mounted.

Power Components:
In order from left to right, below there is the battery bank, the main vehicle drive motor (a high-power electric golf cart motor), and one of the multiple cutoff switches around the ship. All of the electrical components are wired through a main breaker box.


Lighting Components:
We've put together long light tubes (left) with reflective green material into which strips of custom built green and RGB LED strips (center) will be slid. These light tubes will be mounted to the sides of the vehicle. These are in addition to the headlights in front, and the glowing afterburners on the back. We also manufactured our own custom LED controller boards (right) for special effects.


Miscellaneous Pieces:
These racing seats will be mounted inside the sphere and will have six-point seat belts to keep drivers secure, especially while the sphere is rotating!

3D Mockups:

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