The Abductor

Find your inner ET

Project Description
The Abductor, as we envision it, features a sphere constructed to resemble an alien head, with two large teardrop-shaped eyes that serve as windshields for two riders--one driver and one passenger--seated inside the sphere. Behind the sphere is a compartment designed to look like a tail, and through which the sphere can be entered via a hatch.

The sphere itself rotates inside a three-ring yoke structure mounted on a vertically telescoping table that can raise the sphere approximately four feet above the ground when the vehicle is in a stabilized position with its supports extended.

Outside, around the vehicle, will be mounted several video cameras to provide views of the sides and rear of the vehicle on small video screens inside the driving cabin.

Lighting of the vehicle will be dual-layered, being both external in the form of rope lighting and headlights, and internal, giving off a greenish glow.

The vehicle construction itself utilizes a large boat trailer as its foundation, and electric motors and controllers as its propulsion mechanism. The rear of the vehicle will sport solar panels, its main energy source, So, the car will be "green" in multiple respects!

To increase safety, the vehicle will also be equipped with emanating ambient sounds, like our notion of spaceship sounds, as well as an announcement system allowing us to speak to passersby outside the vehicle and provide safety warnings.

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