The Abductor

Find your inner ET

Space Station Workshop
Here's a bit about the facilities where The Abductor is being constructed. Just click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

On one side of our shop, you can see the large air compressor, welder, tool chests, grinder, drill press, and welding/grinding station. Also leaning against the wall there are the lengths of aluminum tubing that will make up the frame of the sphere as well as the yoke rings.

On the other side of the shop is our long work bench with tons of hardware, our chop saw, pipe bending parts, radial arm saw, and, of course, our faithful assistant, Zion the Amazing Chocolate Lab.

NOTE: Zion the Amazing Chocolate Lab, although never able to make it to the playa, has been a faithful assistant on art car projects since 2002, when he was part of the crew that brought the NautilusX to life. Click here to see Zion pictured with Erika Sage aka Sage Nebula.

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