The Abductor

Find your inner ET

The Abductees
Behind the creation of The Abductor are:

Shannon Wolf Star
Part mad scientist, part shaman, and all around electronics genius best describe this creative cosmic spirit, disguising as a Founder/CTO of a technology startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has always wanted to build a vehicle-as-simulator and is the engineering brain (and lead welder) behind The Abductor.

Sage Nebula
Technologist and writer Sage Nebula came up with the theme for The Abductor as the presentation mode for Shannon's simulator technology, and is the communications arm of the endeavor, as well as a general labor unit. By day, she poses as the co-founder and CEO of the same technology atrtup mentioned above.

Lucy Hosking
We are very thankful to have Lucy, creator of the famous Satan's Calliope and the multi-headed fire-breathing Dragons of Eden (which have evolved from an interactive installation to a full-blown seven-headed dragon vehicle) as an advisor, supporter, and occassional set of working hands when she can spare some time from working on her own incredible creations.

Nick B
As a sound electronics installation expert, Nick helps to design, improve and maintain The Abductor's sonic weaponry, in addition to being a helping crew hand.

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